We begin each case by contacting the customer – by phone, by e-mail or in person – to meet your needs, determine the type of task to be performed, indicate possible solutions and get back to you with the quote and timing.

During our further cooperation we contact you mainly by phone or e-mail, providing you with the results of our work on an ongoing basis. Obviously, we may always organise a meeting in one of our offices, or in a different place specified by you.

We use the latest CAD graphic design software and programs for simulating evacuation conditions and fire development for the purpose of analysis of fire ventilation systems (CFD).

When the final version of work has been approved, we will provide you with complete documentation.

At your request, based on the appropriate power of attorney, we may represent you before public administration bodies, for example when it is necessary to obtain certain agreements or permits related to the documents prepared by us.

We are a constantly developing team based on a group of specialists in their fields for whom this activity is both work and passion. We provide you with the best solutions in the area of fire protection and safety, using the latest engineering developments. We have long-term experience in fire protection, including both fire prevention and firefighting. We constantly develop our potential by taking part in trainings and conferences, as well as completing thematic postgraduate studies. Every satisfied customer is our success.

We cooperate with the market-leading service providers in the field of fire ventilation, passive safety systems, fixed fire-fighting equipment, emergency lighting, voice alarm systems and fire alarm systems. We are in regular contact with experts and scientists in specific fields related to fire protection and construction (including construction experts). Therefore, we are able to offer you practically a full range of services in the field of fire protection.

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) numerical simulation is a method for digital verification of model development of fire in a particular structure. It allows to specify the length of time required for safe evacuation of people staying in the building, check the efficiency of the designed fire ventilation, as well as determine the minimum requirements for the building structure, e.g. regarding its load-bearing capacity.

The models prepared by us present the distribution of temperature, visibility and spread of fire, as well as spread of smoke and heat exchange. We perform a numerical analysis especially for the design of halls, warehouses, garages, atriums, shopping malls and other places where a significant number of people stay.

In each case of our activity, the first stage is to get fully familiar with the customer’s needs and indicate the most optimum solutions to meet them. For this reason, we are unable to determine the price list for our services in advance. This is due to a different level of complexity of a specific issue, as well as initial lack of knowledge about the documentation possessed by the Customer that may be used for performance of the task. Therefore, each service is calculated individually and not implemented until the ordering party has approved the costs.

We always try to operate as quickly as possible, and at the same time, slowly enough to maintain the proper level of diligence. We realise that “time is money”. For example, it may take a few days to agree on simple construction projects, whereas performance of a complex CFD simulation combined with a technical expert opinion may last up to several weeks. We always specify the order completion date in the contract, so that the Customer may comfortably plan their further investment.

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